Assembly Line Quality Supervisor

Position Responsibilities:

1.Lead, motivate and manage the quality inspection team in shop floor to guarantee the product and process quality by a proper way;
2.Guide and train the inspection team to enhance the qualification;
3.Trouble Shooting for the quality problems in shop floor with assembly and supplier quality team;
4.Work together with project team for the advanced quality planning activities like FMEA, quality inspection plan, quality control method;
5.Lessons learned and preventive activities to high risk quality issues;
6.Production line quality related data analysis by using statistical methods;
7.Coordinate process analysis and quality improvement based on production data recording and analysis


1.Bachelor degree majored in engineering or science;
4.Good communication skills both in Chinese and English;
5.At least 5 years quality engineering background in manufacturing field; 2 years experiences as a leader, good leadership skills;
6.Willing to work with people and to lead others;
7.Metrology background. Familiar with quality analysis equipment and method in different industrial fields;
8.Familiar with quality system and quality tools, especially FMEA, SPC,MSA;
9.Can manage high workload, independent problem solving ability;
10.Good teamwork spirit.