Material Engineer


1. CN coordination for new parts and material localization.
2. Develop STIHL CN know-how about material properties and analysis
3. Coordinate activities with Quality Assurance and Purchasing departments at STIHL CN regarding new parts release
4. Material analysis on damaged parts and life-test machines.
5. Evaluation and release preparation of new parts
6. Support audit activities of raw material suppliers
7. Communicate with R&D Germany in technical topics and build up a network with German material experts.
8. Testing coordination including planning, monitoring and evaluation
9. Develop and coordinate improvement measures for new parts quality


1. Graduated in a technical field (material engineering, mechanical engineering, physics) preferably with a semester or internship in Germany or Europe
2. Solid know-how and experience in material analysis.
3. Good communication in English, spoken and written. Additionally, command of German language is strongly preferred.
4. Capacity to structure activities.
5. Personal skill to build up good and clear communication between relevant people in STIHL D and CN